Display Glass, Mirror Monitors & Eye Glasses with Integrated displays

The world is changing more rapidly now than ever before in history. In fact, just yesterday I was reading and article on Computer Display eye glasses. At this stage, there are two main players in the Eyeglass Monitor market. Googleglass as well as Glassup.

Googleglass is said to have the display in the corner of the glasses as not to interfere with the users view. Glassup, on the other hand, is working on a display which encompasses the entire field of view.

Glassup.com Specs

Weight around 65 grams (tested on our first prototype)
On board OS: Android
Sensors: accelerometer, compass, ambient light sensor, precision altimeter, perhaps more (the GPS is already on your smartphone, so we don’t need it)
Connectivity: Bluetooth LE
Optical system, made of a display and a set of lenses and mirrors. The resolution of the display is 320×240. If you ask more details on the optics, you’re a competitor.
One day of battery life recharge via mini-usb
Lenses: Lenses will be slightly tinted
Controls: A touch-pad, with the usual controls (tap, double tap, long press, swipe vertically and horizontally), we are deciding now which ones to keep for us to on/off the projector (probably the long press), the others will be left to the developers to manage the apps.
Color combinations: The frame you see in the video is red on white, it’s one of the two versions we plan to sell – the other is green on black
Prescription glasses – we get asked all the time, and a hard one: can our GlassUp be used with your prescription lenses? The lens of our GlassUp is very special, so you can not replace it with yours. We are working on a solution. We’ll likely be able to accommodate simple vision defects at a small cost

GlassUp.ca does not manufacture, design or sell Eyeglass display monitors. We do, however, though our partnership with AlarmParts.ca offer Glass Touchscreen and standard ,monitor overlay touchscreens as well as Glass Display monitors for any glass display application (Except Eyeglass display) Get your display up on Glass with GlassUp.ca