Why pay more - Build your own Home Automation Miniature Server

Loxone Wed, 03/02/2016 - 18:03

So we have all seen them, these overpriced "Home Automation", as they call them "servers" or "Control Systems," so what are to these pint sized mini server control systems anyways? The answer.... Not much.

Basically, what you are dealing with is a "dime a dozen" ARM processor with some Linux or slightly modified Linux Kernel firmware on it. There are several options out there, from the omnipresent Rasberry Pi to Beagle Board, the powerhouse Parallela and now the recent $15 quickstarter offering called Pine64. So why spend thousands for what is really just potentially open-source software on a readily available and inexpensive ARM Processot?

I have compiled a great deal of information on the various inexpensive ARM processors on the market. I have also spoken with some engineering friends of mine and have gathered information on some other cool and interesting possibilities in the way of repurposing inexpensive PLD's and more integrated PLC's available in the electronics market, for those who like to get a little more hands on. Hopefully I will get to this soon. Stay tuned to http://www.LoxOne.ca for more information and updates on how to make your own mini home automation server / home automation Control System. It is really just that easy. Keep up the good work team :)