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LoxOne = The point where Your physical world and Online World Intersect and integrate as One seamless system by way of the LoxOne Sub Mini Life Server. Living + Online X= One

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Just to be clear. For various reasons, LoxOne.ca does not and will not sell the products of "Loxone Elextronics" of Austria.
LoxOne Automation, also known as LoxOne Automated Systems is an independent Canadian owned entity NOT affiliated in ANY way with Loxone.com

LoxOne as represented by a upper case "L" followed by a lower case "ox" followed by an uppercase "O" and ending with a lower case "ne" is the copywrite of LoxOne.ca also known as LoxOne Automation and LoxOne Automated Systems.
LoxOne.ca is a wholly owned domain of BaronVonInternet.com and HTBWMedia.com

Our plan is to create an open home automation community to discuss and review various home automation products. To apply for pre-registration, simply go to the contact page and send me a note.

Any and All home automation product manufacturors are free to apply for paid advertising spots or to send us an operational sample of your system for testing and review purposes.

Why pay more - Build your own Home Automation Miniature Server

Loxone Wed, 03/02/2016 - 18:03

So we have all seen them, these overpriced "Home Automation", as they call them "servers" or "Control Systems," so what are to these pint sized mini server control systems anyways? The answer.... Not much.

Other Linux Mini PC's - Alternatives to Raspberry Pi

I have to admit, I did jump on this whole Raspberry Pi bandwagon really fast... almost too fast, some may say. Don't get me wrong, I still believe the Raspberry Pi is a great product and the Raspberry Pi foundation is doing wonderful things in the way of expanding global computer literacy in the creation of Raspberry Pi and the spin off programs.

Loxone mini server review

Loxone Thu, 07/04/2013 - 19:48

It seems there are alot of search engine hits for individuals from all over the world seeking reviews of the Loxone mini server. I guess the similarity in the domain name, and both Loxone Electronics of Austria and LoxOne.ca deal with home automation on various levels. Anyone who has read the disclaimer below, however, will notice that LoxOne.ca is not affiliated in any way with Loxone Electronics of Austria.